Summer vibes and a pink dress

Looking for an escape for a flash of inspiration, we can find ourselves exploring the cities that surround us, attempting to bring color to the gray days.

Following the fresh air towards the Bronx, I found myself in a small neighborhood located at the extreme western of Long Island Sound, south of Pelham Bay and Eastchester Bay.

City island was the name, that small island full of peace and amazing seafood.

Reading 20 poemas de amor. Pablo Neruda At Portofino seafood, City Island

Magic when the chaos absorbs the energy of the spirit bringing a floral dress as a part of the landscape, dresses that make part of the fashion history and could be used as a sample of how simple feeling free during the summer can be.

Magic blue landscape

Red, pink, orange or maybe green, different prints and styles can inspire you, lighting up the darkness of the world like the big lights in the streets of Manhattan.

An adventure, an odyssey, when you wear a gorgeous dress can be the medicine for the pain caused by contaminated dreams. Just like a bottle of rosé to amuse the afternoon.

City Island, Bronx

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