The perfect size: The Odyssey

Some women try thousands of chlothes on, expecting to find the right size, the right lenght and price, of course. Other women (like me) want to avoid the fitting room as much as possible, and just take whatever they find that looks similar to their size and make it work at home.

Overcoming my fears, I decided to try some outfits on. Optimistically, I started looking for outfits in different sizes and colors in one of my favorite stores in the city, surprisinly more than one has fitted. I found cases when the 0 and 2 size were exactly the same when I put the shorts and pants on. But the story turned out differently when it came to dresses, because in more than one situation I was not tall enough to wear an XS, then I ask: What can I do when the XS fits like XL? Is buying in a kid store an option that I should contemplate?

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