Living in New York: fun facts.

Recently moved to New York city, the city that never sleeps, wandering around the streets, discovering their secrets.

72 st and amsterdam ave

Most of the places that you see on tv are just for tourist, real New Yorkers never go to Times Square, Central Park or the Brooklyn Bridge, the famous New York hot dogs are just basic and the pizza slices are the cheapest food that you can find around midtown.

Broadway is a fancy spectacle, unaffordable sometimes, but a magical show from any point of view.

If you want to get involved in the real, busy and powerful NYC culture, you might want to visit the always fashioned SoHo area, followed by the East village and the delicious food.

Just like in Gossip Girl I would definitely recommend you to check out the Upper Manhattan, The upper east side with the museams and luxurious restaurants and the upper west side a lot of more casual but still interesting.

But in order to have a real NYC experience, you got be ready to expirience all the challenges, walk a lot between places, run to catch the subway, leave your backpack at home (it´s too crowded for that), be ready to meet new people and dance all night.

Upper west side

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