The Real Little Italy in New York

When we speak about “Little Italy” in New York city, the first thin that comes to minds to those that have been in New York is that small neighborhood in the Lower Manhattan, known for welcoming a heavily tourist crowd everyday to its concentrattion of traditional italian restaurants.

Prince Coffee House, Bronx, NY

But today I want to talk about the “Little Italy” that no one really visits, or you can barely listen or read about it. Yes, I´m referring to Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, the best place for pasta, meat, pastries and wonderful coffee and coffee shops (for those that can not start a day without it, like me).

This place is a well-kept secret, you can explore the italian culture and get to enjoy the authentic retaurants. The generations of italian families give a character unique for an urban town.

So if you are ever thinking of pizza with fresh mozzarella cheese and a deliciuos wine, the Belmont of the Bronx is your place. A little farther of the crazy crowd in Manhattan but close enough to take just one train to visit it.

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