Living in New York: Get ready for the fall!

When the landscape turns red and orange, when the wind is cooling and the leaves are covering the ground everywhere you go.

I honestly think that fall is the most amazing season, You may not be see it clearly at the moment because you’re mourning about the end of the summer, but we have plenty of things to look forward to once September rolls around.

We certainly know that autumn is coming and we want you to be able to appreciate its foliage. New York is home of one of the most vivid and diverse autumn in the whole world. Whether you see it from a hiking trial, sitting by the lake in Central Park, up in the air or having picnic in a Brooklyn park.

When this sweater weather arrives, we want you to be ready to enjoy what New York has to offer you. Lets name a few places to visit if you can´t get out of the city:

  • Central Park: yes, it looks different during each season and it gives you one of the most interesting views of the autumn leaves, with its 843 acres of paths, lakes, ponds, and open meadows. Always ideal for picnic, walking around and romantic planes.
  • Queens county farm museum: family-friendly fun in the fall.
  • Day trip to the Hudson Valley: Depending on where you go, there are also museums, state parks, historical sites, and quaint villages.
  • Brooklyn botanical garden: perfect to visit any time of the year, specially during the fall.
  • Prospect Park: this park has a number of destinations and it´s not as crowded as other parks, which give you the chance to relax and connect with the nature.

So, ready for a hot chocolate?

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