Exploring New York: Grand Central

Grand Central Terminal is an eccentric New York landmark that can not be unnoticed, if you live or visit New York you definitely need to go and check out the secrets and stories that the majestic building contains.

Main Concourse , Gand Central

Everything about the monumental place is absolutely thrilling, and it also has so many mysterious places and an exquisite history and architecture.

But let´s give you ten more reasons why to visit and explore Grand Central:

  • A secret passageway connects the Station to the Waldorf-Astoria hotel: A clandestine escape is one of the main reasons why the US presidents stay at this hotel.
  • Nobody knows if the “whispering gallery” was built to whisper on purpose. The gallery transmits sound from corner to corner perfectly.
  • There is a top secret room that doesn´tappear on maps. This room is known as M42 and it was not even acknowledged for many years. It was the target of a German spy mission during World War II.
  • The stars in the celestial panorama are painted with 23-karat gold. Yes! I didn´t know that either.
  • The Celestial panorama is also backwards: this error was explained away with the reason that was painted to reflect the perspective of God looking down lol.
  • The carvings of acorns and oak leaves are the Vanderbilt family´s symbol. They are everywhere. Even on the bottoms of the 24-karat-gold-plated chandeliers.
  • The Biltmore Room also known as “The kissing room“: passengers would exit the train and reunite with their loved ones there.
  • The clock on top of the information booth has a price of $20 million!
  • The tiny hole in the ceiling on the opposite end of the Celestial Panorama was put there to accommodate a Redstone missile during the Cold War.
  • The Track 61: (underneath the Waldorf-Astoria) still serves as means of clandestine transportation.

Oh and one last thing: there is not ac or heater in the main concourse… So good luck with that!

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