Exploring Pennsylvania: Fun things to do during the fall

Following the colorful trail of leaves on the ground, with the nostalgic feeling that summer leaves when it ends, but ready to start new adventures!

Fall is an amazing time to visit Pennsylvania, there are so many activities outdoor and indoor to get involved. This place is packed with pumpkin patches, apple orchards, scenic hikes and festivals.

Stroud Township, PA

While you are in PA you might want to enjoy the Pumpkinland festival at Linvilla, Orchards, finding here pumpkins of all shapes and sizes and fall decoration. If you are an adventurous person you would definitely enjoy hiking through Allegheny National Forest, Warren, and of course, its scenic trials and view the fall foliage up close.

The Autumn leaf festival, PA Apple & Cheese festival, are some of the many festivities you can attend, but if you are the type of people that take pleassure in reading and relaxing, just grab your favorite book (a tragic love story would do perfectly) and sit outside at a backyard while enjoy a hot cup of spicy tea or a delicious hot chocolate.

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