Exploring New York: The High Line

On a historic freight rail line elevated is situated now one of the most popular public parks in New York City, known as The High Line. This park attracts nearly 6,000,000 visitors a year with its nature, eccentric art and creative design.

The vegetation at 20th st was chosen to acknowledge the wild plants that colonized the abandoned railway before it was repurposed

Let´s explore some fun facts!

  1. The High line was built to save lifes! : Before the creation of the subway system that we have today, the 10th and 11th avenues were used as street-level-trains, and unfortunately people who did not want to wait for the intersections would run across the tracks, getting hit by the trains very often.
NYC street

2. The recycling of the rail line revitalized Chelsea! : This popular area was in a generally poor condition during the late twentieth century and the construction of the park gave a new perspective to the neighborhood. Now you can find tons of restaurants with delicious burgers and italian food that all around the place.

Chelsea, New York

3. Look familiar? The High Line was inspired by Coulée Verte in France!: The Coulée Verte of Paris was built in 1993.

Views of the city, The High Line, NY

4. It is one of the favorite spots in the city for outdoor art!: Sides and pathway of the High Line are full of art exhibitions, talking about architecture, sculptures, murals and so many different ways to take advantage of the unique space complementing the natural landscape.

5. This place seems otherworldly! and yes, you are still in the city! The High Line has been under construction for around 15 years, a small section is still work in progress but even though you can visit it anytime of the year during the day.

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