Exploring New York: The Bronx Zoo

Even if you have never visit New York, you must know that the bronx zoo is one of the most famous wildlife conservation parks in the wolrd. Its doors were opened for the first time in 1899, and today it´s the largest metropolitan zoo in the United States.

Bronx Zoo, Fordham road exit

Let´s take a look at a few things you might want to know about this awesome New York City landmark:

1. IT HOUSED TASMANIAN TIGERS ONCE: this species was nearing extinction in the early 1900s, but the Bronx Zoo acquired many of them for exhibition beginning in 1902. 

2. THE ZOO IS HOME OF MORE THAN 6,000 ANIMALS: it covers around 600 species, from monkeys, birds, penguins, reptiles, tigers and seals!

3. THE ROCKEFELLER FOUNTAIN WAS MOVED FROM LAKE COMO, ITALY: to solve financial difficulties, the city of Como, Italy, sold the fountain to an agent of William Rockefeller, who donated it to the zoo.

Rockefeller Fountain, Bronx Zoo

4. BIG PART OF THE LAND WHERE THE BRONX ZOO IS BUILT BELONGED TO THE FORDHAM UNIVERSITY: Fordham sold the land to the city for only $1000 because it was going to be used as a garden and zoo.

Bronx river

5. EVERY WEDNESDAY, admission is a pay-what-you-wish donation, As we all like it: free admission!

6. THE SEA LION POOL, is one of the most popular exhibitions in the zoo because of the joy that these beautiful animals bring to the visitors!

7. THE BRONX ZOO ONCE EXHIBITED A MAN in a cage, this particular fact is one of the most ignoble chapters in the zoo´s history and reputation. This exhibit is part of a heavy racism era. Ota Benga was the name of the young man from Colonial Congo, who ended up killing himself after trying to adapt to the american lifestyle. what a tragical story!

8. THE ZOO CENTER LOOKS LIKE A PALACE and today is the house of some large reptiles, Aldabra tortoises and Komodo dragons. 

Zoo Center, Bronx Zoo

9. Rain or cold weather are no problem for much of the interior exhibits!  including Jungle World, a tropical rainforest for Asian wildlife with waterfalls, ravines and exotic plants.

10. The Aquatic Bird House and Sea Bird Aviary has different habitats and species like:  Tufted puffin, magellanic penguin, inca tern, little penguin, american and caribbean flamingos!

American Flamingos

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