Exploring New York: Bear Mountain

The Perkins Memorial Tower, the Trailside Museum and Zoo, the Bear Mountain Inn, a merry-go-round, pool, and a skating rink are many of the facilities you can find in the amazing and unique Bear Mountain State Park.

Bear Mountain, NY

Fun Things to do:

-Visit the Perkins Memorial Tower, this marvelous tower provides a clear view of four different states and the skyline of Manhattan!

-Hiking!, yes, There are around 50 official trails in 235 miles (378 km), featuring a wide range of difficulties and elevation changes! The perfect way to explore the fall foliage!

-Visit The Trailside Museums and Zoo, this place is the home of an extensive variety of local injured animals, including bears, otters, deer, bald eagles, and owls.

-You can also stay at Bear Mountain Inn, hotel restaurant and spa, designed by the New York City firm of Tooker & Marsh in and influenced by the Adirondack Great Camps.

Bear Mountain view

-Take a cruise up the Hudson River to Bear Mountain State Park! and get the best sights of the park.

-Attend to the traditional Bear Mountain Oktoberfest! it´s a great plan for a group of friends and beer lovers. Oktoberfest 2019 will be running every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from September 27 through October 20. Don´t miss it!

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