Exploring Paris: Musée du Louvre and its well kept secrets

With a height of 20.1 m. and a total of 673 transparent laminated glass panels, divided into 603 diamonds and 70 triangles, the majestic glass pyramid gives us the entrance to the magnificent museum.

Paris, France

This is the most visited museum in the world, and surprisingly it still preserves some well kept secrets. Since its inauguration in 1793, it has presented various changes and extensions, which made it the structure that we can see today.

It’s known that its walls were part of the old Louvre Castle, where royalty shared its darkest nights and kept its most precious treasures, also serving as a Royal Palace until the 17th century.

In the Napoleon Museum, as his name said, the extravagance of that emperor of France who ruled among luxuries must reign. The walls of Napoleon III’s apartment are bathed in gold and red velvet, which leave us breathless when observing each of the details of its wonderful composition.

Certainly, among its collections there are works that were owned by Charles V, sculptures from ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, Antiquities of India and all kinds of eccentricities of ancient Europe and its history between cultures, wars and religions.

But the most impressive aspect of this mysterious world, it’s that here hangs the smile of that Mona Lisa famous for infecting us with that beauty that attracts the eyes of tourists, locals and feared criminals, threatening to take the Mona Lisa to some secret place, once again. People are willing to wait in line for hours just to see her making this whole experience absolutely worth it and priceless.

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People surrounding La Mona Lisa or Gioconda

Make sure you check every single spot!

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