Exploring New York: The MET museum

A legend has it that six hundred million years ago the entire mass emerged on the planet earth formed a single mass called “Pangea” a super continent that would later divide for the constitution of what we now know as the five continents. America, Africa, Asia, Europe and of course little Oceania, who adapted different cultures perhaps not intertwined with each other.

MET museum, New York

One early afternoon, around 1:00pm in New York City, I looked out the window and observed the city dressed in orange leaves just descended from the trees bare by the cold, I decided to put on my best dressed and enjoy the almost extinct autumn. My destination is 5th Avenue with its airs of grandeur and its permanent smell of coffee mixed with spices and a slight touch of Chanel. Suddenly I came across what must be a building built at least 148 years ago, the man at the entrance told me that it also has the reputation of being the largest museum in the country.

Upon entering, I got lost surrounded by many rock statues…

Then I found out that this was tHe Hellenic magnificence collection, Rome, Greece, old Europe with its Catholicism structures, full of adventure and stories never told.

A huge wishes fountain, caught my attention you will not know how much peace is perceived in such a unique place.

Between walls and murals I have crossed Oceania, Latin America, secrets of the natives never revealed …

Looking for a place to rest I found the representation of a wonderful garden that transports you to China, built in 1981, based on the Ming dynasty. All the material and tools were brought from the old continent and used in its construction.

I can stretch around the globe and go as far as Egypt, finding mummies brought from their own museums located in Cairo, to our newly built lands.

When I woke up that morning, I never imagined traveling around the world without leaving the city, when I opened my eyes I did not know that with a coffee another shocking day was about to begin.

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