5 Things to do in New York City during this summer

After being quarantined for a few months NYC started reopening most of the businesses, including stores, restaurants and hair salons. 

Times Square

Outdoor spaces are always a popular choice during this season, summers in New York are impressively fun and it is true that things are a little bit tough due to the coronavirus but that doesn’t mean that everything is cancelled. 

There are certainly many activities that we won’t be able to do, like going to a Broadway show or the movie theater. Our new reality has changed and we basically just have to adapt to the new rules, remember to keep 6 feet distance in between people and also wear a face mask wherever we go.

These are a few of the things that we cannot do but let’s talk about the ones that we can actually do:

  1. Have a picnic at the park:
Photo by @lianamikah

NYC is dotted with over 1.700 parks, recreational facilities and playgrounds. So you can go ahead explore any of them and enjoy a beautiful afternoon.

2. Devour a delicious ice cream!

If there is something that you can find in the city are explendid ice cream shops with unique flavors and products, these are some of our favorites:

-Emack & Bolio’s

-Ice & Vice

-Davey´s ice cream

-Minus10 ice cream


And if you can’t go to any of those places you can always try to get one from the ice cream trucks all around the city! 

3. Take a walking tour in the most beautiful neighborhoods

Photo by Jonathan Riley

Harlem, this neighborhood is one of the largest and most diverse in the city.

Chelsea, perfect if you are passionate about contemporary art.

The east village, this is one of the must go places in the city.

Upper west side, despite moving at a slower pace than midtown neighborhood’s, this one also boasts a solid dining and nightlife scene.

SoHo, this is the place to go when you are in need of retail therapy.

4. Visit the beaches!

Although all New York City beaches are currently closed for swimming, visitors can still have access to the facilities and sand. The perfect way to relax after a long week!

5. Eat at an outdoor restaurant

During this days you would find tons of options of outdoor restaurants where you can have a great time while you support the local businesses, these are a few restaurants that you would love to check:

-Klong, Thai food.

-Hi Life Bar & Grill, Vintage art-deco restaurant.

Bettola NYC, offers rustic Italian food.

Gran Morsi, classic and modern place serving Italian shared plates.

-Harlem Tavern, corner tavern/beer garden with extensive food and drink choices.

To remember: 2020 is not cancelled and there are many exquisite things to do but however you decide to spend your time just stay safe, take precautions and avoid really crowded places!

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