8 Tips for surviving a long-haul flight!

Visiting the most iconic places around the world or exploring those that are not even on the map, can be an experience full of adventures and would also provide you so much knowledge about marvelous things and ideologies you probably never heard of before!

When you love traveling to hidden locations you must be familiar with various stops and also layovers; we can all agree (I think so, though), they are totally exhausting! Right?, let’s talk about a few things that you can do to make these flights a little less complicated:

  1. Wear a comfortable outfit! This would be the worst moment to try those new shoes you’ve never worn before or that dress you are not sure if still fits!

2. Bring your own travel pillow and headphones: let’s be honest the products of some airlines are not always the best! So you can prevent having a bad time just by bringing them yourself.

3. Take the smallest personal item you can! This might sound weird since in most of the cases people want to be prepare but trust me, carrying only the things that you need can save you tons of and would reduce your stress.

Fun fact: Once I got stopped leaving from Colombia (my own country) to the United States for this reason, the police found suspicious that I didn’t have much luggage! Obviously they didn’t find anything so I got to go home (USA) with no problem at all.

Don’t worry, this won’t happen to you!

4. Choose your flight food and drinks carefully: You won’t want to get a stomachache in the middle of the ocean so you might want to eat light. Ah and another thing, you can definitely get some snacks before boarding so you have something to eat on the plane.

5. Have a relaxed day before the flight: being tired would make your experience a little tougher so if you have the chance, try to sleep properly the day or night before.

6. Don’t forget to download your favorite movies or shows before you get on the airplane there is a big possibility that plane is not equipped with many options for entertainment and you wan to be ready in one of those cases!

Photo by Sofia Sforza

7. Read your favorite book: this can be the perfect companion for a tedious long flight specially if you are traveling alone. So take the time to feel inspired by your favorite authors.

8. Follow the sleep schedule of your destination, so you don’t feel lost when you arrive!

That’s it, I hope you have an amazing trip!

Photo by Cristian Baron

*Also make sure you charge your phone!

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