14 Essential travel apps (Must Have)

Traveling can be a very exciting but super stressful activity to plan if you don’t have the right tools. When it comes planning and taking a vacation, travelers rely on their phones to enhance their experience.

There are plenty apps that would help you with everything from booking a flight to easily translating a foreign menu for you. These are a few apps that you MUST have if you are a traveler:

Photo by Benjamin Suter

-For booking a flight and bundle deals:

  1. Hopper Once you put in your home city and desired destination, Hooper shows you a calendar of the coming year with dates color-coded to reflect historical price averages. It can save you a lot of money!
  2. eDreams is an online travel agency based in Barcelona, Spain, that offers deals in regular and charter flights, low-cost airlines, hotels, car rental, dynamic packages.
  3. Jetcost is my favorite app when I am trying to find cheap tickets, they have amazing discounts!
  4. Skyscanner is a meta-search engine and travel agency based in Edinburgh, Scotland and owned by Trip.com Group, the largest online travel agency in China. 
  5. Expedia We all know this site and even though we might have some complaints about it, we can deny that is a very useful tool!

-At the airport and on the plane:

6. LoungeBuddy, offers access to premium airport lounges around the world, regardless of the airline or class you’re flying! Isn’t this awesome?

7. Timeshifter maps out when you should avoid or seek light, take a nap or try to stay awake. It even tells you if you should consider supplementing with caffeine. All of these to help you avoiding jet-lag.

8. Netflix, it is not a travel app but it can save you from spending hours staring at the ceiling during a long flight. If you want to read more tips about surviving a long flight you can click here.

-Staying safe:

Photo by Pixabay

9. Smart traveler, is a free service that offers information specifically for U.S. travelers. You are able to check what visas and vaccines you’ll need before traveling and where to find help if you need it during your trip.

-When you arrive:

10. Google maps, essential when you are visiting a new city or even for getting around your hometown. This app provides you with many different ways to get to a certain location or even if you are trying to find out what restaurants, stores, etc, are near you!

11. Uber, if you’re in a country where you don’t speak the language, aren’t familiar with the currency and, simply, don’t know where you’re going, having a ride-hailing app on your phone can be a very smart way to move around.

12. XE Currency Converter,  provides live, up-to-the-minute currency rates, then allows you to store and view them even if you have no internet connection.

13. GlobeTips, will advise you how much you can tip depending on the country that you are at!

14. Whatsapp, great messaging service for travelers abroad as it uses an internet connection to avoid SMS fees.

Photo by Adhitya Andanu

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