Top 8 places to catch the sunset in New York City

Sometimes when you are caught up in a big and overwhelming city (just like New York), it’s not likely that a picturesque sunset is the first thing that comes to your mind when you are thinking about how to spend your time off.

If you are looking for relaxation, connect with nature, perhaps for a romantic plan or simply wanting to spend time with friends, watching the sunset can be a very cheap and fulfilling experience! Check out our list of top spots in the city for this activity:

Photo by Mohamed Almari
  1. The High Line, Chelsea

This park attracts nearly 6,000,000 visitors a year with its nature, eccentric art and creative design. To find out more about this marvelous place just click here.

High line, New York

2. Brooklyn bridge and Brooklyn bridge park

Brooklyn Bridge Park offers the clearest view of the downtown Manhattan skyline across the East River. 

Photo by Vlad Alexandru Popa

3. Roosevelt island tram

Time your ride right, and you’ll enjoy incredible views of the setting sun over Manhattan.

4. Sunset Park Brooklyn

 From the top of the park, you can see the sun set over brownstone Brooklyn, the Manhattan skyline, and even the Statue of Liberty in the distance.

5. Staten island ferry

 Spectacular views of the sun setting behind the Statue of Liberty make this journey absolutely worth it. The Staten Island Ferry terminal is located at 4 South Street in Manhattan.

6. Astoria Park, Queens

Located on the western shore of Queens, this park runs from the Hellgate Bridge to the Triborough Bridge, and it offers unrivaled panoramic views of midtown Manhattan.

7. Wave Hill, Bronx

This garden looks out on the Hudson River and the New Jersey Palisades. Absent of buildings, the view on the west side makes for the perfect romantic place.

8. Fort Washington Park

Visit this park in Washington Heights and besides watching the sunset you would be able to have a picnic near the waterside and winding paths on the park’s hills that look out to the New Jersey Palisades. There’s also a little red lighthouse by the water. Stick around at night to see the George Washington Bridge light up the park!

Photo by Onur Kurtic

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