How to overcome homesickness during your trip

Traveling can be very amusing and educational, but there’s a huge possibility that you could become a little homesick when you’ve been away for a significant period.

I did not miss my home for the first year or the second one. Then just like that, I did. And what do you do when homesickness kicks in? There are really only two options: fight it and stay on your trip, or give in and go home.

These are a few tips to deal with the overwhelming feeling of wanting to go back home:

Riverside Park, NY
  1. Stay busy: Yes, something as simple as keeping yourself occupied can help you. Making a schedule to guide you throughout the day would provide you with less time to overthink your current situation.
Photo by Tatiana Syrikova

2. Adapt some of your old habits: Keeping up certain routines while you’re away can often help alleviate feelings of homesickness. This can make you feel like you brought a piece of home with you. If you workout often or take yoga classes, keep doing it!

3. Remember that home is always there: home is always there and that won’t change, so that means it’d be waiting for you once you decide to return!

4. Call more or less: Depending on how you feel every time you speak with your family or friends. In my personal experience I used to spend months without talking to my family members because it was not helping me to hear them daily, but it can be a whole different story for you, for some people is encourging.

5. Take some small comforts of home along: Furnishing the place you’re staying when you travel with things you like to have around you at home will make it seem a little less foreign. Using your favorite blanket or getting a plant for your room can make a huge difference.

Photo by Ioana Motoc

6. Talk to others, try to make new friends: If you make a friend in the hostel, or you have a travelling companion talk it out. You’re most likely not alone in this situation, having a conversation about it with the people around you might help you through.

Photo by Spencer Davis

7. Get immerse in the new experience! Explore the area, make a bucket list, find new places to visit, learn the language, enjoy the local food, step out of your comfort zone and remember why you took that trip in the first place!

Paris, France

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