Exploring The World: “The Enigmatic Smile of The Mona Lisa”

Without eyebrows or eyelashes is that Florentine lady who was just following her culture in the times of the Renaissance, becoming a symbol of beauty and empowerment. Between art and paintings, she stands out with her enigmatic smile hiding a little more than a thousand secrets.

Rumors and conspiratorial theories have been created around the question of who the original model was. There are those who dare to affirm that the face in the painting belongs to Francesco del Giocondo or even to Leonardo himself. But Lisa del Giocondo firmly claims the protagonism of this role in the work of art that fascinates everyone around the world.

Due to its fame, the Mona Lisa has been mistreated over the years, acid and even rocks have been thrown at her face. Its wonder causes envy for some while others fall in love with her. It was a fact that the painting drove Vicenzo Perrugia crazy, who dared to take her home in 1911 and hide her boldly in his closet, keeping her in his possessions for two long years, while the authorities were actively searching  for her. This perfect robbery gave the Mona Lisa its recognition.

La Gioconda, as she is also known in Italian, is back in the Louvre museum in the city of Paris, where she has a private room. It is still unknown if this smile shows joy; Well, if you look at their eyes you will find a bit of anger, or perhaps behind her hidden expressions, it can be said that the smile has: fear or disgust, among other theories. 

Probably we won’t ever know what was in Da Vinci’s mind when he created this masterpiece but what we actually know for sure and don’t need any expert to prove it, it’s that millions of people visit her annually, longing to appreciate the simplicity that has led her to be the most famous woman of all time.

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