Top 5 things to do in Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island is a narrow island in New York City’s East River, within the borough of Manhattan; also one of the most secret treasures of the city. This beautiful island is without a doubt a great opportunity to get away from New York while still being in New York.

Roosevelt Island has much to offer in terms of a day’s delight, these are a few activities you can enjoy while you are there:

Roosevelt Island, NY

-Get on the Roosevelt island tramway:  For a swipe of the subway MetroCard you can glide over Upper East Side avenues and the East River and reach the island.  The Roosevelt Island Tramway, the oldest urban commuter tramway in the U.S and totally worth to try.

-Visit the Chapel of the Good Shepherd:  is a historic Episcopal church designed by architect Frederick Clarke Withers who was famous for making churches in the Gothic Revival style and built this chapel in 1888.

Chapel of the Good Shepherd, Roosevelt Island, NY

-Walk at Southpoint Park: At the southernmost point on Roosevelt Island which sits in the East River just off midtown Manhattan, is a grassy preserve with breathtaking views, big lawns, gardens, frolicking squirrels and approachable cats.

-Eat at NISI Kitchen: located on Roosevelt Island. The name NISI is derived from the Greek language meaning Island. Delicious food and great variety of choices and prices.

 -Visit the Smallpox Hospital (“Renwick Ruins”): was a hospital located on Roosevelt Island in Manhattan, New York City. Originally designed by architect James Renwick Jr., the 100-bed hospital opened in 1856.

Fun Fact: Roosevelt Island Has Had At Least Six Different Names!

Roosevelt Island Tramway

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