8 Travel Trends For 2021

The travel industry has become unpredictable, during the pandemic since every country or territory may have different regulations and restrictions to cope with COVID-19. However people remain optimistic and expect to travel more this new year.

These are some travel trends for this 2021:

Photo by Julia Volk
  1. Offline travel: Americans spend around 5.4 hours a day using their phone and millennials are on their phones 5.7 hours per day. These are average statistics that prove how people can be more involved on social media than in the real world, for a long period during the day. Spending so much time using technology can be overwhelming and that is how people are deciding to disconnect from their phones and enjoy a little bit more, what nature has to offer. (Cell phones aren’t forgotten when traveling, but Wi-Fi and data are turned off).
Photo by Negative Space

2. Nomadic Hotels: These new concept hotels are popping up worldwide. The world’s first ephemeral hotel is known as 700.000 Heures, consisting in  welcoming us to discover a new destination across the continents every six months. Each time will be different. 

Photo by Taryn Elliott

3. Farm to fork travel: Being aware of pollution and environmental changes, has had a big impact in our lives, creating a healthier lifestyle and encouraging a diet full of greens and organic food. This is why visiting farms became more popular.

Photo by Rachel Claire

4. Train travel: No turbulence, no traffic, are two of the many advantages that traveling by train has. Boarding a train can actually be a joyful experience, specially with those panoramic views some place have to offer.

Photo by Recal Media

5. Solo travel: 25% of all travelers are thinking of taking a solo trip in 2021. A 131% increase in the number of Google searches online for ‘solo travel’ since 2016. Each year, the number of people traveling alone rises dramatically, and with that solo travel habits change too.

Photo by Rachel Claire

6. Bleisure travel: mixing traveling for business and pleasure has taken way more strength these past years, 2021 will definitely enforce it, since many companies are opting for this method to help increasing the productivity of their employees.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

7. Sprint Bookings: with the world constantly changing, the last minute reservations are the most popular way to travel right now, despite many travel companies offering flexible booking policies.  As lockdowns come and go travelers will be more responsive to windows of opportunity to go abroad this 2021.

Photo by Ryanniel Masucol

8. Minimalistic travel: This new idea of traveling mainly just embraces a minimalistic approach to travel, both digitally and packing-wise. Almost no digital contact is used during these trips, and only essential gear is packed, such as adequate clothing choices and vegan-friendly foods.

Photo by Sangeet Rao

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