5 essential items to achieve a Parisian style

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”

Coco Chanel

French women are well known to have a great sense of style and are world-renowned for their majestic style. This is one of the reasons why women around the world have been trying to emulate the Parisian Style for years.

Effortless, romantic and sophisticated are three ways to describe this style. But, how to achieve it?

Photo by Vinu00edcius Estevu00e3o
  1. Buy basic items:

This is the foundation of the Parisian Style ; choosing classic and neutral colors creates a versatile and effortless look to your outfits. When shopping for basics remember to look for oversized clothes and not too short. Silky items are a great choice, also light and airy.

2. Wear Straight-Leg Jeans

High-waisted straight-leg jeans are one of the key pieces of the French wardrobe. And there’s a reason this silhouette is so popular: it’s flattering on everyone. Opting for very light denim or even white, beige, or pastel pink denim, is a great decision.

3. Remember less is more:

A Parisian woman has the capacity of looking elegant without appearing over-styled. Choosing minimalism is the right way to achieve it, stick to 1 to 2 colors in an outfit and simple accessories.

4. Play with silk scarves:

French women are famous for always wearing a scarf in all seasons, Un foulard en soie, is the ultimate classic staple of the French wardrobe and the perfect accessory to complete your outfit and to keep you warm.

Photo by julie aagaard

5. Keep logos to a minimum:

The main rule in the Parisian style is not wearing more than one visible brand, remember: ” it is not what you are wearing, it’s how you wear it.”

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