How to motivate yourself everyday

Staying in bed all day long when having a bad day or when is needed, is not always a choice for most of us. As humans, we all have those days when we’re just not feeling it. We may feel mentally or physically drained sometimes, and the first thing we want to do is crawl out of bed and tackle the day. But what if you can’t allow yourself to do that?

If this is not an option for you, what can you do to feel motivated again? Here are a few tips to keep focused, even when is difficult:

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Get motivated by others:

When you really need an extra motivational push, you can always turn to the words of others or someone else’s experiences. Also listening some inspirational music or reading a motivational book, are great ways to expand your thoughts. Sometimes, even reading some quotes can serve as guidance.

Have fun:

Lear how to enjoy what you do, paying attention to the little details can be an excellent way to change your perspective, somethings that we give for granted hold special moments, like giving or receiving a hug, breathing fresh air or watching a sunset; singing in the shower your favorite song.

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Cut your To-Do list in half, if needed:

Don’t leave for tomorrow what can be done today?

Mental health is as important as physical health. Having an endless To-Do list can be extremely overwhelming and prevent us from achieving success, due to the amount of stress that they can bring us.

Do not forget to take breaks:

Life can be chaotic: work, school, family, friends, the gym… Sometimes people even forget having a proper meal, specially in the big cities with all the traffic and unstoppable routines. But taking a nap, having lunch or even a weekend getaway are as important to succeed as everything else. Taking breaks would provide you inspiration and energy to achieve your goals.

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Find what drives you today:

Take a moment to acknowledge where you are at today, take an aspect of your life that you would like to progress further in, one step at a time. Also try to remember what brought to this day and identify the highlight of your day to fill you with it.

Perhaps write it done and see if you are on the right track of your dream life and make a plan of how to get there if you are not.

Treat yourself with your favorite coffee or tea:

Find the way to get off your regular routine and treat yourself, maybe grabbing a cup of coffee or some dessert, it can make your day more interesting!

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Take a look at your sleeping habits:

Your sleeping habits can be encouraging you to make poor decisions throughout the day without you realizing what is happening. If it feels like your physical energy levels are low, your motivation might and will get affected by this as well.

Practicing yoga or meditation before going to bed, can improve your sleep and relaxation.

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3 Replies to “How to motivate yourself everyday”

  1. Hi Marcela, my favorite thing to do to stay motivated is making a work schedule and a to do list and completing what is being required towards the end of the day. I feel that it is one of the best ways to feel motivated and excited as well for the next day.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, I make to do list for a week and try to complete some part of it everyday each day so that everything becomes complete towards the end of the week.


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