Money-saving tips while traveling abroad

Traveling on a budget is more than possible, even though, money is the last thing you want to worry about when you are on a trip, this is one of the reasons why you can end up overspending.

Considering to plan ahead could save you from unnecessary expenses, here are some things to keep in mind if your goal is to save money while you enjoy a trip:

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko
  1. Buy less stuff: It sounds pretty obvious but buying items that we don’t need and probably won’t use, adds a large amount of money to our expenses.
Photo by Karolina Grabowska

2. Opt for traveling during off season: ‘high season’ it’s a real thing! The summer, Christmas, New years, and many other holidays, are a more expensive time to book a trip; every location also has different high and low season, researching this can give you a better price.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko

3.Travel to places where your currency takes you further: destinations like Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, Colombia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Sri Lanka… Would give you the option to stay for longer or spend less than if you go to places where their currency is the same or more than the USD.

Photo by Jennifer Poole

4. Get your groceries from the local markets and cook your meals: if you are staying at a place that has its own kitchen, visiting a local market would also give you the chance to experience life just as the locals! This can save you a lot of money, but if you do have to go to restaurants, you can try avoiding the touristic area and eat where the locals eat!

Photo by Maria Orlova

5. Open a travel-friendly bank account or get a travel credit card: you can get one that provides you with free foreign transactions and best conversion rates.

Photo by Pixabay

6. Walk more: You can save a lot of money by walking and there’s no better way to get to know a new place! Choosing public transportation can also be a good idea.

Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev

7. Take advantage of the free admission days: Tons of museums, galleries, and sites have free admission days for everyone, you can plan ahead your visits and check their website to find out, which day of the week is free to enter.

Photo by Ena Marinkovic

8. Rely on locals: receive the advices that people offers you there, listen to the barista and get recommendations from the reception, this way you would be able to find hidden gems!

Also, remembering to stick to your travel budget, would also help your journey!

Photo by Pixabay

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