Colombia, where COVID is the least of the problems.

Colombian Government’s hands are full of innocent blood

#SOSCOLOMBIA is one of the hashtags trending in social media, but more of a trend is the call for help of a country that is currently desperate!

When you are inside your house and you listen people screaming, women being rape and the youth suffering, the first thing you think about is calling the police, the military or anyone in the government, perhaps. But, what can you do when the hands pulling the trigger are the same authority? Well, this is been happening in Colombia for decades.

Colombians are EXHAUSTED!

But, what is happening right now? Let’s break it down a little:

Colombia flag upside down as a signal of emergency and extreme danger

For those that never heard of Colombia, is a country located in South America. This is the country with the highest biodiversity in the planet and rich in numerous ways. However is well known for its narcotrafficking and corruption issues. History books and media, have not covered even half of the violence and problematic of this beautiful place, since many things are well hidden by the corrupt government and aristocrats.

With the social media revolution, government scandals have been exposed, and investigated, without much results, due to corrupt officials and judges in charge that would sell themselves for a few Colombian million pesos.

INEQUALITY and POVERTY are two words to describe the quality of life of the population of this country, where the minimum wage is $260 US Dollars per month and you would need at least $1.000 US Dollars in order to live what we call a “decent life” in North America or $600 US Dollars to only SURVIVE in Colombia.

Economical problems did no start with the pandemic, but they certainly increased, according to the DANE (National Administrative Department of Statistics), poverty increased to 42,5%, 6,8% in just one year; meaning that 3,6 million people became poor from 2019 to 2020.

To fix this problem, the government presented to the congress a Tax reform, that would simply increase the prices of the food, gas and other aspects. More tax to a population that is already dying of hunger, LITERALLY, dying. This must be a crime, don’t you agree?

So, where is the money in Colombia going? That’s a question that people would love to hear a answer.

Colombia is ranked as one of the countries that has worst handled the pandemic, vaccinating only 2,5% of the population and not bringing much help to those that have been affected by this virus.

People had no other choice but exercise their right to protest. And this was the answer they obtained from the president:

Militarized cities, massacre, rapes, human rights violations and police brutality. Photos from social media

Colombians just want to be heard but even social media is banning and censoring the clamor and denunciations of this wounded people.

When are the international authorities come help those people that only want to live in peace and don’t want to struggle to get some food, or get killed only for exposing their ideals, when is Colombia going to have freedom or press or speech?

Enough is enough! Colombians are tired of the false democracy, and the dictator that bosses everyone around, sitting in a chair from his Luxurious hacienda, Colombia is tired of impunity.

How do I know this? Because I am Colombian.

Please share, we need the world to know that Colombians are being killed by their government.

Photo from Social media

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